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Protect IT™ - Security Awareness Workshop

Holding a workshop is an excellent way to provide interaction and a personal touch to your awareness training. Our workshop is designed to enable a person who possesses basic knowledge of information security issues to easily present an awareness course to end users.

The course covers a variety of areas where employees may face security issues in the performance of their normal daily activities. Your users will learn about their responsibility towards protecting your organization's information technology resources. To help gain end user acceptance, it is emphasized that these practices will help them with their individual job functions.

When you purchase our workshop, we will create a custom audio introduction and place your organization's name and logo throughout. All content is provided in both printed and electronic formats so you can begin right away or customize any areas where you desire to provide organization-specific information.

Call SAI today to discuss how Protect IT can help your staff to protect your information resources.

Topics Covered
  • Password Construction
  • Password Management
  • Other Authentication
  • Internet Usage
  • Telephone Fraud
  • Physical Security
  • E-mail Usage
  • Privacy
  • Encryption

  • Viruses
  • PC Security
  • Software Licensing
  • Backups
  • Building Access
  • Social Engineering
  • Identity Theft
  • Home Office security
  • Virtual Private Networks

Benefits and Features
  • Full presentation on CD
  • Printed handouts
  • Printed speaker notes
  • Presenter's guide
  • Customized audio intro
  • End user quiz

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