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Implementation Tips

Potential Display Locations

  • Above Water Fountains
  • By Coffee Machines
  • Near Snack Machines
  • In Break Rooms
  • On Bulletin Boards
  • In Human Resources
  • In Lobbies
  • On Internal Doors

Display Period

The intent of the monthly subscription is to keep new information flowing to your end users throughout the year by replacing the posters each month. However, where space permits, you may wish to keep the most recent two posters displayed to ensure those who have been traveling will see the material. We also recommend keeping a complete series in a specific location such as your Human Resources department.

Poster Reuse

If the posters are carefully displayed in a manner which protects them from excessive wear and fingerprints, you may wish to reuse posters of particular interest in your organization. If you know in advance that you desire to reuse a particular poster, you may wish to laminate the posters prior to displaying.

Poster Implementation Tips

Sample Announcement Memo

To: All Staff
From: Top Management
Subject: Your Responsibility for Information Security

As authorized users of our information systems, each and everyone of us play a vital role in keeping our information and technology assets safe. To ensure that we each understand our roles, XYZ company has adopted extensive information security policies and standards. As part of your employment prerequisite, you were required to acknowledge your acceptance of and intent to adhere to these standards.

To help fulfill management's role of ensuring that these standards continue to be followed, we are implementing an ongoing security awareness program designed to help all of us not only learn what our responsibilities are, but how to incorporate secure practices into our everyday routines.

Part of this program will include a series of posters which will be displayed in various areas of our buildings each month. While informative in nature, they are cleverly designed to be both entertaining and enjoyable. Please be sure to take notice of and read each one. The information they provide will help enable each of us to fulfill our part in protecting our information and technology assets.

We will be maintaining a complete set of the posters on display in the Human Resources department for anyone wishing to reference a poster no longer being displayed throughout the building.



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